15 Dec 2015
2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament winners list.
9 June 2015
To those who will participate in the Bo kumite tournament (regarding the wearing of male groin protector) During the Bo kumite tournament to be held August 1st, competitors must wear a male groin protector for their own safety. Please prepare your own groin guard equipment. (Be aware that organizers will not prepare any male groin protector for competitors.)
8 June 2015
To those who will join the seminars (regarding bringing weapons) This is a message for all participants to the “Okinawa Traditional Kobudo seminar” to be held August 2nd. On the day of the seminar, please bring your own Bo (staff) and Nunchaku. (Be aware that organizers and instructors will not prepare any weapon for participants.)

2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament Outline

1 Aim of the tournament

As a gathering and information exchange occasion between Okinawa traditional kobudo enthusiasts and friends from Okinawa, Mainland Japan and overseas, this tournament aims at the proper inheritance, diffusion and development of Okinawa traditional kobudo.

2 Organizer

Okinawa Prefecture Kobudo Federation (OKBF)

3 Co-organizers

4 Support

Okinawa Prefecture Naha City
Okinawa Times The Ryukyu Shimpo NHK OKINAWA Okinawa Television Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation

5  Cooperation

Okinawa Traditional Karate Liaison Bureau

6 Dates

  1. Dates August 1st (Sat.) ~ 2nd (Sun.), 2015
  2. Program
    August 1st (Sat.) Opening ceremony, Competition
    August 2nd (Sun.) Seminar, Demonstration and Farewell Party
  3. Competitor registration
    Dates:July 31st (Fri.)  12:00〜17:00
  4. Coaches and judges meeting
    Dates:July 31st (Fri.)  14:00〜16:00
  5. Overseas judges lecture class
    Dates:July 31st (Fri.)  16:00〜17:00

7 Venue

1 Naha City Municipal Gymnasium
Address:1227 Shikina Naha-city Okinawa(>> GoogleMap

8 Name of the tournament

Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the Okinawa Prefecture Kobudo Federation - 2015 Okinawa Traditional Kobudo World Tournament

9 Project contents

  1. Opening and closing ceremonies: Matters decided by OKBF.
  2. Competition
    (1)The Kata competition is a tournament of Okinawa traditional kobudo kata that were inherited from our ancestors and systemized.
    (2)The Bo versus Bo kumite matches are held with equipment designated by OKBF with safety being the priority consideration.

10 Demonstration

This will be a martial arts demonstration convention performed by Okinawa traditional kobudo enthusiasts from Okinawa, Mainland Japan and overseas. Its aims are international exchanges, the deepening of friendship and the further development of kobudo. In addition, demonstration by winners of the Kata competition will also take place as a stimulus for the next tournament.

11 Accommodation and transportation

(1) Accommodation arrangement for competitors, coaches and escorts from Mainland Japan and overseas will be taken care by respective schools and branches.

(2) After arrival in Okinawa prefecture, transportation to and from the tournament venue is the responsibility of every single Mainland Japan and overseas participant, based on the concept of gathering and breakup freedom.

12  Implementation structure

In order to prepare and manage the tournament, a tournament executive committee is being established. It will handle all related operations.

13 Miscellaneous

For other necessary matters related to the tournament not yet mentioned in these clauses, the executive committee will decide hereupon.